On 9/11, truth seekers unite! We will wear foil hats to raise awareness about the shortcomings of the official 9/11 narrative and the profound implications, such as the perpetual global "war on terror".

We are proud freethinkers.

We are ordinary citizens with convictions and courage.

Let's seek truth and justice on 9/11.

What are FoilHat.Party and Foil Hat Day?

FoilHat.Party has three main objectives:

  • Declare 9/11 a Foil Hat Day. We encourage everyone around the world to add foil to their hats and wear it proudly all day long, every September 11th.
  • Unite all people with questions, all skeptics, and all conspiracy analysts together, regardless of their differences of opinions, great and small, to agree on this simple statement: The official narrative from authorities, experts, governments, and the corporate media is NOT at all accurate.
  • Collect and openly share photo/video portraits of foiled hat people from around the world. These images can then be utilized for any purpose, including promotion of Foil Hat Day and documentaries about skepticism. The hashtag used for sharing footage is #FoilHatDay.

Why is Foil Hat Day on September 11th?

September 11th 2021, marks the 20th anniversary of the deadliest attack on American soil. Endless questions remain unanswered and taboo about this singular event that is presented as the unquestionable foundations for the global "War On Terror." The corporate media systematically meets all skepticism with ridicule, portraying any doubts as crazy beliefs held by "conspiracy theories", a term weaponized by the CIA after JFK was assassinated.

The reality is that only a fraction of the population believe the official narrative, and many are convinced that key government insiders were and are involved in the event and ongoing coverup. FoilHat.Party hopes to help remove the taboo barriers blocking critical questions, to raise awareness about global skepticism, and to encourage people to speak out about controversial topics.

How can I participate?

If this message rings true to you, we invite you to wear foil on your hat on 9/11 and/or submit your photo/video in your foil hat.

You may emulate the example photos above or simply do your own thing. Photos/videos do not need to be taken exclusively on September 11th. The only request is that there be a hat with foil in the photo.

We hope to accumulate photos/videos to utilize in media projects, open to anyone, welcome to make their own media project. Our hope is this FoilHat.Party project may evolve over years to come.

We ask you to share your footage either:

  • On social media with the hashtag #FoilHatDay.
  • On our sister site Rabbit Hole in its dedicated thread. This is a forum for skeptics.
  • On our photo / video gallery, which will be accessible from this website.

More details coming soon.

Where may I see the photo/video gallery?

Coming soon.

Is there a FoilHat.Party social media campaign?

Social media campaign information coming soon.

Windsor's Freedom Rally

At the Freedom Rally in Windsor, Canada on August 28, 2021, people posed for foil hat portraits. They are the catalyst seeding this global project. Their images, as in the slideshow above, are the first added to the gallery.

Anyone with videos or photos from that event can please submit their content by following these steps:

  • Upload the footage somewhere. We recommend anonfiles.com. You can also use Google Drive, Dropbox, or Mega.nz.
  • Send an email to larryswinger(at)armormail.net with "Windsor Freedom Rally" as the subject. Include a link to the footage inside the email.
  • If you're only sharing a few photos, you can include them as attachments to the email instead.
  • If you're sharing a big number of photos, it's easier to upload them as a single archive. Put them all in a folder, right click the folder and select "Compress". A zip file will be created which you can upload to any of the services listed above.

These videos and images will all be shared online in a 100% free/libré and open-source gallery (details coming soon) and anyone may create and share:

  • Documentaries about the rally.
  • Documentaries about Chris Sky.
  • Windsor rally and resistance promotional material.
  • Perhaps other things.

We will also share all the creative projects produced.

Questions? Contact larryswinger(at)armormail.net